Xbox 360 has sold 67 million since 2005

Microsoft's console still has 47 per cent share of the market

Microsoft has released that latest sales figures for its Xbox 360 console, which stand at 67 million units sold since 2005.

"Since 2005-when we launched Xbox 360-we have sold 67 million consoles and have generated more than $56 billion at retail, and we're still going strong in our seventh year," said Yusuf Mehdi, CMO for the company's interactive entertainment division.


Hardware sales

"With 47 percent share of the current-generation console market, we are hitting our stride largely as a result of the success of Kinect for Xbox 360 (19 million sold ) and the flood of new entertainment options through Xbox Live (40 million members)."

It also revealed that Xbox Live subscribers use their consoles for around 84 hour per month, compared the 150 hours per month that the average American spends watching TV.

Mehdi also boasted that the service now has over 60 voice controlled apps and 200,000 TV shows and films on offer.

Microsoft's E3 conference will be streamed on and through Xbox LIVE on June 4 at 9.30am PT, and Mehdi hints that there'll be "a few surprises."

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Latest comments (8)

Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 5 years ago
Microsoft had the core gamer market gifted to them when Sony made so many big mistakes and Nintendo went for a different market. To the point where Microsoft have been able to keep the retail price of the console too high for too long.

Without RRoD they would have done better still.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 5 years ago
"With 47 percent share of the current-generation console market"

I am assuming this is North America only? Or is he talking about software sales? An interesting figure, but I would like some more clarity.
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William Brown Aspiring Level Designer 5 years ago
Without RRoD they would have done better still.
I would say the opposite. Now this isn't going to be the case in the majority of cases but from personal experience I and two friends have contributed to a doubling of that figure due to buying a replacement console when RRoD occurred out with the 3 year warranty period for that particular issue.

I would suggest that the surge in sales between years 5 and 6 could be due to people buying replacements for their unwarrantable first generation 360s and Elites (my release day purchased Elite died on me much to my surprise). It could equally be due to Kinect/Halo effect.
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Aleksi Ranta Category Management Project Manager 5 years ago
"Mehdi hints that there'll be "a few surprises.""
My predictions for the suprises, which wouldnt be suprises really:
-More sports related kinect stuff
-new Forza reveal
-Angry Birds for XBL
-DLC exclusivity for BLoPs II
-More tv content for XBL, only in north America though
-internet browser for the xbox revealed
-and MS will close the show with a next-gen teaser video
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Jack Lee5 years ago
Don't forget that a "47% market share" means that, according to their data, 47% of people who own any or all of the following: (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii) own a 360. That doesn't preclude those people from owning the other consoles as well; I'm fairly certain that the Wii has higher market share in the US, and that the PS3 isn't all that far behind. Not to diminish the impressiveness of his numbers, because they're great, but one must be aware of what they actually mean.
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Dominic Jakube Student 5 years ago
I would be very suprised if there was more than 40 million working 360's out there.Every gamer I know has a broken 360 in their closet gathering dust, I have two.I also think that alot of those 19 million kinects were sold in bundles and hardly used.
Dont get me wrong I think MS has done very well for itself this Gen, but alot of that is from Nintendo abandoning the "core" market and the PS3's rough and late luanch.
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises5 years ago
My 20GB xbox lasted a long time, and then Call of Duty Black Ops killed it. I have three friends who also lost their 360s to RRoD from Call of Duty games, and three friends whose 360s are still working. My PS3 died after 20 days, and the store just exchanged it for a slim model. Who knows if my Wii still works, who cares?

How many more comments like mine will it take to get a new graph added to the story showing estimated RRoD sales? :)
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Joe Winkler trained retail salesman, Expert5 years ago
I own the 5th Xbox 360 now. Some have been traded for a better one, some were returned defective and replaced by a retailer not Microsoft. The Playstation 3 had a YloD in wich case Sony didn't care (It was after 2 years owning it).

But that's the typical problem with statistics: Sony said they sold X-million Playstation consoles showing a PS3 on the screen counting PS1 and PS2 sales to it, wich was written in the small bottom line nobody reads anyway.
Fact is: Microsoft did a great job with the 360, not every innovation worked as it should (xbox live vision etc.) but those things happen at every company.
Let's just hope the E3 will show more new ideas (wich are working) than the last Expo. And that stands for Sony and Nintendo aswell.
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