Epic v. Silicon Knights: Jury finds for Epic on all counts

Tweet from Epic VP Mark Rein says it's over [UPDATE: Judge awards Epic $4.5m]

Update: Details are still trickling in, but according to a source close to the case speaking to The Escapist, a judge has awarded Epic Games $4.5 million in damages in its countersuit against Silicon Knights. The situation does not look good for the Canadian developer, which now owes far more than its already large legal fees. We've contacted Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack for reaction, but have yet to hear back.

Original story:

The five-year long battle between Silicon Knights and Epic is over, according to a tweet from Epic VP Mark Rein: "Case over. Jury finds for Epic on all counts."

Silicon Knights sought $58 million in damages over problems with Epic's support for the Unreal Engine 3 during development of Silicon Kinght's Too Human game. The case was essentially mooted a few weeks ago, when the judge decided that Silicon Knight's damages claims were only worth $1 each.

There's no word yet on whether Silicon Knights might appeal. At least for the moment, this trial appears to be finished.

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Latest comments (5)

David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers10 years ago
The only reason I can think that Silicon Knights would not appeal is that they can't afford another legal joust like this. Considering the recent contraction of the company, losing this case could be devastating.
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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 10 years ago
It's sad that we only wanted Epic to loose so that we could legitimately say "Epic fail"
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Thomas Dolby Project Manager / Lead Programmer, Ai Solve10 years ago
I wanted Epic to lose because they managed to stop key testimonies and evidence from surfacing in the trial. I don't know the full story behind either, so I don't know if Silicon Knights were right to take the case forward in the first place, but when they have key witnesses barred from court and then have their claims practically thrown out because of lack of evidence it's pure injustice.
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 10 years ago
Thomas, from what I have read, that particular witness was going to make claims that were unsubstantiated.

Them being barred from the court would have been a carefully decided move by the court, not Epic. It would not have been allowed to happen without full investigations being made and a decision that the testimony would have been invalid.

I much prefer the version of justice where people who make up figures and facts are not allowed to testify.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers10 years ago
Any lawyer worth his salt tries to get things dismissed, that's just part of the legal process. I will say thought that if certain evidence has been disallowed and it was an important pillar of SK's argument, that could keep them from filing another suit because they may no longer have a solid argument - clearly the jury thought so in this case.
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