Apple CEO Tim Cook: "not interested in being in the console business"

'Traditional' market does not appeal, but expect to see company grow involvement

Apple CEO Tim Cook has sent a typically ambiguous message about his company's future involvement in the games market to attendees at the US D10 conference, announcing that although there are no plans to enter the traditional console market, gaming will become increasingly important.

Cook was opening D10, which is an annual conference run by All Things Digital. Asked by a journalist whether Apple was looking at creating specific gaming hardware, or whether he saw "big-screen gaming as something you'll get more into," Cook seemed to put to bed rumours that the corporate giant was looking at becoming a fourth wheel for the console business.

"I view that we are in gaming now in a fairly big way," he replied. "One of the reasons people buy an iPod touch is gaming. Some buy it for music. I realize that is not the big screen you are talking about. Gaming has kind of evolved a bit. More people play on portable devices. Where we might go in the future, we'll see.

"Customers love games.

"I'm not interested in being in the console business in what is thought of as traditional gaming. But Apple is a big player today, and things in the future will only make that bigger."

When pressed on whether that meant that the much vaunted Apple TV might be the device to nurture that growth, Cook was again non-committal.

"I think it could be interesting," he replied.

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Latest comments (7)

Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 5 years ago
He is just saying that they are not going to do boxed IP sold at bricks and mortar. Quelle surprise!
Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are caught in a high street retail trap with their console platforms.

The big problem Apple have with the App Store is discoverability. It lacks the tools to encourage people to browse. If and when they make it more friendly they will sell a lot more apps.
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Keldon Alleyne Strategic keyboard basher, Avasopht Ltd5 years ago
The big problem Apple have with the App Store is discoverability. It lacks the tools to encourage people to browse. If and when they make it more friendly they will sell a lot more apps.
Very true Bruce. Also they need to reward affiliates in some way for producing free downloads that generate in-app purchases and also purchases of the full game in some way, which is only just and would encourage more developers to work at solving the problem, since they can better benefit from it (IMO).
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Tameem Antoniades Creative Director & Co-founder, Ninja Theory Ltd5 years ago
Apple don't need to please retailers and platform holders any more than they needed to please mobile carriers and record industry behemoths. Should be interesting.
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Is it just me or have there been a number of high profile executives (at Google, Apple and Facebook) been 'down-housing' the consumer console game scene - in particular the console approach!

I wonder if this is not just (as Bruce suggests) contempt for the bricks-and-mortar approach; but is fundamentally a hard nose business approach to the fact that the console scene is holed below the waterline? The vast revenue spent on PS3 and XB / XB360 unable to be recouped, and the immanent next-next-gen wars a futile conflict locked into the fact that the corporations can not unhook from their distributed content model.

I am surprised that Nintendo and SONY are in such dire straits with regards their planned next-next-gen hardware, admitting that these machines graphics quality is not the issue, but not able to explain what is! (and what will get people to replace their current systems)

Are we looking at another 1984? - this time with the social network sector picking up the pieces. This could decimate the industry if this happens and leaves a lot of questions about the business vision of a number of publishers?
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Adam Campbell Game Production Manager, Azoomee5 years ago
They should and the AppleTV is theoretically the ideal vehicle for their success in that industry. Its insane to imagine the potential and I'm no devout Apple fan...
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Dominic Jakube Student 5 years ago
Said the wolf in sheeps clothing.
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Kevin Patterson musician 5 years ago
I wish Apple would release an Apple controller for their IOS devices. I love my Iphone and Ipad, but traditional games tend to be too frustrating on a touch screen.
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