Vita suffers in Japan's post-holiday slump

Sold 6340 handhelds last week, 3DS still on top with 46,000 unit sales

Hardware sales saw a signficant fall in Japan last week, with sales of the PlayStation Vita dropping to just 6,340 units.

3DS maintained its position at the top despite a fall in sales of 45,443 on last week. It was followed by the PS3, and the PSP, with only 749 units between them. Vita is now in fourth.

  1. Nintendo 3DS - 46,425
  2. PlayStation 3 - 12,996
  3. PSP - 12,247
  4. PlayStation Vita - 6,340
  5. Nintendo Wii - 6,073
  6. PlayStation 2 - 1,212
  7. Nintendo DS - 1,206
  8. Microsoft Xbox 360 - 1,023

The figures are from Media Create and represent the week ending May 13. It's a post holiday period for the country, so the drop is expected.

Software sales for the same period also fell, with the PlayStation Vita failing to feature in the top twenty at all.

  1. Mario Party 9
  2. Fire Emblem: Awakening
  3. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  4. Starhawk
  5. Super Mario Land 3D

The only new entry was PS3 exclusive Starhawk at 4 with 12,873 units sold.

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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 5 years ago
The Vita is like a healthy looking postman who turns out to be a heavy smoker who drinks vodka all day. Even the old tired dogs of Wii, PS2 and DS are slowly catching up to it while never actually increasing their pace!
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