Kickstarter goal reached for Jane Jensen's Moebius

The Gabriel Knight creator's new adventure has crossed its KickStarter goal

Pinkerton Road Studio, the new startup by Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen, has announced that it crossed its $300,000 Kickstarter goal over the weekend. The Kickstarter funds will go towards the creation of an all-new adventure title called Moebius. As the funding drive still has 11 more days to go, Jensen and company have revealed more bonuses for backers.

With the success of Moebius' funding drive, Pinkerton Road Studio has also been approached with outside funding, allowing the developer to make a second adventure title. Backers who pledge over $50 on Kickstarter will get Moebius and the second, untitled adventure game together, while backers on a lower tier can choose between either title. The $50 tier also gets e-book versions of Jensen's two out-of-print Gabriel Knight novels.

Pinkerton Road will be offering another chance for Gabriel Knight fans to get even more than the e-books. For more than $200, backers get access to Jensen's Gabriel Knight design documents. At $500, backers get a one-of-a-kind production sketch from the first Gabriel Knight game signed by Jensen and artist John Shroades.

More information on the ever-evolving Kickstarter can be found here.

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gi biz ;, 5 years ago
I hadn't heard of this yet, but honestly I'm more interested and surprised at Nekro. The creator is fairly unknown, and the funding seemed to fail until the end, just to pass the 100k goal by an additional 50k. They offer many bonuses, and should the game see the light, I'm sure it's going to be a charming one. And the best part is, it will have a native Linux port :)
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