God of War creator David Jaffe gives thumbs up to multiplayer

Jaffe insists latest title is "impeccably executed" even with multiplayer additions

David Jaffe, creator of God of War, has put his seal of approval on Sony Santa Monica's upcoming God of War: Ascension. While many have been scratching their heads about the inclusion of multiplayer in the title, Jaffe remains insistent that the game has been designed "impeccably" and that people should wait until they see what the studio has in store before they pass judgment.

"Sony Santa Monica, and certainly that team, really hasn't done anything ever to let people down as game developers," he said to IGN.

"If it turns out to be the case that the single player is watered down because of it, then I think they have some justification. But I don't see any evidence of that, and I don't see evidence of that based on the team they are."

Jaffe says that including multiplayer has been an idea making the rounds for a while now within the team. Still though, Jaffe offers that the feel of a co-op type mode would have been counter-productive to the series' core aesthetic as series protagonist Kratos is more of a "one man army."

Nevertheless, the designer is confident that the game will do well, countering any doubts of those fans who are wary of multiplayer.

"I think it looks cool. It looks like another great, impeccably executed Sony Santa Monica game," he said.

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Latest comments (3)

Preet Basson Train2Game Developer 5 years ago
I dont know why ever since GOW: A was announced all they want to talked about is multiplayer. Im going to say this straight up, Fuck multiplayer. Can any1 imagine multiplayer in a game like god of war. I would play that game as any1 but Kratos.
If multiplayer is core story mode, this is going to stink.
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Private Industry 5 years ago
I was reading a lot about the MP and watched the video and looking at that it does look like they invested a lot of time making the MP fit the universe instead of just some tacked on feature to tick a box.

If they deliver a singleplayer campaign that matches the previous games and add meaningful multiplayer I have no problem with that.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers5 years ago
I think we've seen a lot of multiplayer so far because they want to emphasize that new element, that it's not an afterthought. One thing's for sure - there won't be many other multiplayer games like it out on the market. I'm sure they've been working o this for a while and now it seems like they got it to work - I would expect the campaign to be just as epic as the rest of the series has been to this point.
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