Call of Duty buzz up 400% in wake of Black Ops II reveal, PS3 gains mindshare

Activision's marketing push has begun and it appears to be working

Call of Duty: Black Ops II was officially revealed to the world on May 1 during the NBA playoffs, and yesterday Activision further detailed what the game will offer, boasting that it will be the "most ambitious Call of Duty ever." The goal, of course, is to drive awareness and get players psyched 6-7 months ahead of launch. According to Nielsen Media, the strategy is working.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International, the firm revealed that its NM Incite tracking solution saw buzz around the Call of Duty brand more than quadruple in the wake of the Black Ops II reveal. Nielsen, which collects data from major social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, as well as from over 160 million blogs and boards, found that daily buzz around Call of Duty or the new Black Ops game stood at 4,911 messages on April 30, and after the trailer and other details had been digested on May 2, that number jumped to 21,454 messages.

"Historically, buzz has been at its highest around launch time for Call of Duty, generating up to 69,942 messages on a single day. As far as pre-launch buzz goes, today's buzz total of 21,454 is second highest, only to 5/31/2011's 21,728 messages. The buzz on 5/31/2011 came after Activision announced their Call of Duty: Elite online community," NM Incite analyst Mickey Campione told us.

Interestingly, while Xbox 360 was leading in the conversations around Call of Duty, Sony's PS3 really wasn't far behind. Microsoft's Xbox platform has long been considered the "home of FPS games" and it's been a very popular platform for Call of Duty players. Nielsen's data would appear to suggest, however, that Call of Duty's PS3 mindshare is growing. It'll be interesting to see what the sales breakdown among the platforms looks like this holiday season.

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Latest comments (4)

Michael Brown Developer, Evolution Studios9 years ago
To infinity and beyond?
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Hugo Dubs Interactive Designer 9 years ago
I know my comment is not directly about this article but come on! Black Ops II ???
I may not give an objective point of view as IM more into Battlefield but this trailer and game is not the most ambitious COD ever... This is more likely the most ambitious Bullsh... ever!

No new graphics and engine! I was sure it would be an obligation to get a new engine to promote their next title. This looks like a black ops 1 mod... which was potentialy a Modern warfare 2 mod itself.

COD is COD and I don't want to open a debate on the game itself, but this title is going to generate so much cash upon nothing but false innovations. Wait and see then.
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James Verity9 years ago
same old cheats will be fully available to those that play that way... it'll be the same pile of rubbish with all the same cheats, hacks and glitches in place... nobody will have learnt anything and still buy this rubbish...
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Tony Burnside Co-founder, Ballistic Studios, LLC9 years ago
I'm sorry, but after I saw the trailer the first thing that came to mind was Terminator Judgement Day. They could have taken this franchise into so many great directions. But the jump from Vietnam to 2025? There's an entire era they could have dev out. Such a missed opportunity in my opinion. I have to second the need for a new engine. These games are looking more and more cartoonish.
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