IGN launches Xbox dashboard app

Content portal expands offering pioneered by Strategize show

Games website IGN is to launch a dedicated content portal app via the Xbox dashboard, becoming the first gaming centred app on the service.

IGN already has a presence on the dashboard with its successful Strategize show, watched over 42 million times according to the company's stats. The organisation has also spread beyond its own website with a YouTube channel of original video content, known as 'Start'.

"With this new app, we continue our mission to reach gamers wherever they are, across all platforms, services and devices. Now millions of Xbox LIVE users can watch curated IGN content straight from their TVs," said IGN's Peer Schneider.

Content available through the service will include reviews, previews and other video content, as well as coverage of e-sports events and consumer gaming shows like E3.

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Jack Lee5 years ago
This is interesting, but I'd be more excited if there was a partnership for a Gamespot streaming app: with their recent partnership with and MLG/Starleague, a dashboard portal/app on Xbox (as well as other major streaming devices like PS3, Roku, etc) would be a huge vector for e-sports and live gaming adoption and mindshare.
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