Zynga starts promoting its platform partners

Zynga testing waters of new Zynga Platform, starting with Row Sham Bow

Following the launch of its Zynga Platform in early March, the social gaming giant today announced the kick off of a key component of the platform: promotion of Zynga Platform partners to players. The first developer and game to enjoy this collaboration with Zynga will be Row Sham Bow and their Woodland Heroes title.

The new game can be found through Zynga's zBar application that sits atop any of their titles while played through Facebook. Those developers interested in utilizing the new distribution platform are able to contact Zynga through their developer page for more information.

"We intend to drive traffic and test promotions in ways that ensure the best experience for players and our partners," said Rob Dyer, head of platform partners at Zynga. "It's also an area we're continuing to work with our partners to refine."

"Driving players to try out new social games is one thing, but the trick is making sure they stick around; that's where some of our upcoming tools to increase social engagement come in. In March, we announced some of these tools as part of the Zynga Platform."

Zynga continues to stress that its partners program is still very much in beta, and the company is promising plenty of improvements. "This also marks just the start of traffic and revenue generating tools that we're implementing for Zynga Platform partners. We'll soon roll out more promotions across our network for some of our other early partners, so stay tuned," Dyer added.

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