Shadowrun Kickstarter totals $1.89 million

Harebrained Schemes successful in raising well over intended $400K for new Shadowrun title

The team behind Shadowrun will be making their title, with perhaps a few additions now that the total taken in stands at $1,895,772. Harebrained Schemes had originally asked for $400,000 to get the game going, but now have enough to get the game on platforms such as iOS, Android and PC.

The studio has now said they will be offering Mac and Linux support, as well as some other goodies that will be offered to those who backed the cause.

The game's original creator, Jordan Weisman, had been pitching a return to Shadowrun for years but was getting nowhere with publishers. "We went to Microsoft and tried to buy back the property. I wasn't successful, but I did get a license," he told Wired. "So I started thinking about a very large-scale implementation of Shadowrun. And I pitched that to a number of publishers and was not successful. When we formed Harebrained Schemes, we had some conversations about smaller scale versions of it, but there were still no takers. I had pretty much lost hope of being able to do the kind of role-playing game I wanted to do."

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