DTP Files for bankruptcy in Germany

German Game of Thrones publisher in trouble with 180 jobs at risk

Dtp Entertainment AG has filed for bankruptcy in Hamburg, Germany, GamesIndustry International understands.

The company's website currently makes no mention of the filing, but GamesIndustry International's German editor Christoph Holowaty has seen the documents which confirm the company's insolvency.

Dtp employs 180 staff in total, 110 of those are thought to be employed in Hamburg, with others at the company's Hanover and Singapore studios. More staff work for Dtp Young, an offshoot publisher of children's games which is unaffected by the filing.

Dtp has a history of niche titles, including PC adventure series Momento Mori. Its most recent high profile signing was the Game of Thrones RPG for PC, 360 and PS3 which it picked up to publish in its home territory after development by Cyandide Studios in France.

Dtp has been contacted for further comment on the issue.

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The stronghold series, would be a far better fit towards the Game of Thrones IP and its adaptation to games currently is not as maximized as it could be
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