GameFly founder says publishers "don't want" more digital stores

The co-founder of the game rental service believes there's no more room for another online PC storefront

GameFly co-founder Sean Spector believes that there's no more room in the marketplace for another PC digital store. GameFly acquired Direct2Drive nearly a year ago, but Spector admitted to MCV that it takes a lot of work to stay competitive in the digital space.

"I don't see there being more and more digital download retailers because for publishers, it is a lot of work for them," he said. "There's Steam, there's Gamefly, there's Origin, there's Amazon - those are the bigger brands - and then there's the smaller brands like Green Man Gaming and GOG."

"The publishers don't want 50 digital partners. That's too much to manage. The reality is, the bottom 75 per cent won't bring in enough revenue to justify the effort. It's a lot of work. We work every day with publishers, over 300 of them."

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Luke Giddings Programmer, Supermassive Games5 years ago
Deliberate snub of Impulse? Considering it got bought by GameStop, I can imagine they're going to spend on marketing to become one of the "bigger brands" (although interestingly, they haven't yet).
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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 5 years ago
I wouldn't say it's a deliberate "snub", just an acknowledgement that Impulse is kind of irrelevant. They have a 50% off Civ V deal today. I've already got it, but if I hadn't I couldn't purchase it from them anyway - it's not available in my region (the UK) through Impulse.

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