TIGA urges government to reconsider DCMS abolition

Department of Culture, Media and Sport under threat in tax-cut measure

The industry trade body TIGA has strongly advised the UK government against abolishing the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

The abolition of the DCMS to fund tax cuts was proposed in a recent report from the Institute of Economic Affairs, but TIGA CEO Richard Wilson believes that the move would save very little money - a significant number of the DCMS's activities would continue even if it was abolished as a separate entity.

"Abolition of the DCMS would entail costs. Tacit knowledge would be lost in any reorganization, thereby impairing government performance. There would also be financial costs because organizational changes of this nature typically incur expenses," he said in a statement.

The DCMS is responsible for a broad range of policy areas, including broadcasting, tourism and the creative industries. Without a representative department, Wilson believes that the UK games industry would be one of many to suffer.

"The creative industries, including video games, are important for the future economic success of the UK. They need a focused department and a voice in government," he added.

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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 5 years ago
Oh no. Disaster.
When the game industry was looked after by the department of industry (or whatever it was called) because we were "technology" (a mistake much of the media, including the BBC, perpetuate) it was utterly terrible. A succession of ministers turned up for E3 to get a West Coast jaunt but they didn't have the faintest idea about what we do or what our value is.
The current DCMS arrangement works well for us because the politicians and the civil servants are as on message as they can be.
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It'd be simpler if Osborne cancels this IMF contingency loan and pump it back into the local british industry. Looks like the THick of it and yes PM really do display the ongoing coalitions ongoing management of UKs golden geese in place of turkeys, bleeps and blunders.
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Looks like No 10 are refuting har-rumours
"Culture department officials have branded news reports predicting its demise as “absolute rubbish”.

Number 10, meanwhile, told the BBC that it "did not recognise" the reports.

Unsubstantiated policy rumours occasionally emerge when the civil service brainstorms a range of options that often include unlikely scenarios that nevertheless require examination."
I'm not sure what the last two paragraphs mean. Seems like a long winded way of saying, when scrounging around for ideas, all options are explored including scrapping at the bottom of the barrel

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Antony Johnston Writer & Narrative Designer 5 years ago
Sounds to me like someone scrambling to figure out how this leaked before they can put it into action. Akin to "the minister has my full confidence"...
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