Microsoft/Intel looking to drop iPad market share under 50 percent

Windows 8 is Microsoft's big play to stop Apple's tablet dominance

Microsoft is hoping Windows 8 will push Apple's iPad market share under 50 percent worldwide by 2013. Apple's tablet currently has a 70 percent share, but Taiwan-based manufacturers have told DigiTimes that consumers could expect 32 different Windows 8 tablets.

These tablets will be coming from vendors like Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asustek Computer and Toshiba, many with either Windows 8 or the newly-renamed Windows RT for ARM processors. Intel has been working with Microsoft and OEMs to provide its new Ivy Bridge processors for Windows 8 tablets. The Ivy Bridge tablet platform is currently code-named Chief River, with Intel also aiming the platform at MacBook Air-style ultrabook PCs.

"You are looking at an evolutionary step," Mercury Research analyst Dean McCarron told PCWorld about Intel's plans for the platform. "Particularly in the x86 space, the evolution is more the convertible-type design where the keyboard is an optional piece."

Can Microsoft's new OS dethrone the tablet king?

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Latest comments (11)

West Clendinning Senior/Lead Artist, Rovio Entertainment7 years ago
32 new windows tablets?
I'm guessing they are all different sizes, aspect ratios and pixel resolutions.
A nice way to fracture the market even more.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 7 years ago
I'm surprised Apple only has 70% of the market to be honest - thought it would be more. If anything is going to threaten its dominance I suspect it's going to be the Kindle Fire, unless Samsung or HTC strike gold with a high-end reasonably priced tablet in the same way they did with phones the Galaxy and Desire respectively.
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D7 years ago
The problem is all these other tablets are more expensive than, or around the same price as, an entry level iPad. And when Apple's App store has so much of a lead on what's now called Google Play, for the majority of people it makes sense to go for the iPad.

Google's management of Android has been appalling. The fragmentation is an absolute nightmare for devs. One of the things I don't understand, from a purely business perspective, is why they haven't introduced Android store gift vouchers. I'm willing to bet there are a LOT more under 18s who have android devices rather than iOS ones - but there's no opportunity for people to give them app store gift vouchers for their birthdays.
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Thomas Dolby Project Manager / Lead Programmer, Ai Solve7 years ago
I'm dubious about 32 tablets coming into the marketplace as well. Like Terence says, there needs to be a flagship product, something that will get into peoples heads as a brand. People don't say "hey, is that an iOS tablet you have there?", they know it's an iPad, I know plenty of people that call all tablets iPads in the same way they'd say Hoover for a vacuum cleaner.

Microsoft needs to make sure there's a tablet that can cause that much of a buzz, and with a catchy name as well, I don't see how manufactures expect people to be raving about the AT100-1 or the Z18350.
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It depends on the compatibility I guess. If windows 8 tablets need their own specific apps, then yes they'll struggle to take much from apple. On the other hand if they have backwards compatibility with standard desktop versions of windows, they have an instant foot in the door.

Also the thing that would win me over is that most windows tablets have a USB port, so if you want more storage you can buy a 64gb USB stick for 32. On an iPad on the other hand, you have to throw away your 400 iPad, and replace it with a 560 ipad instead. _
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Ahmed Sharif7 years ago
Windows 8 wont be anywhere near as fractured as Android. Assuming Microsoft will be taking the same approach with tablets as they did with Windows Phone 7, which are all locked in terms of hardware to the tiniest detail (CPU, memory, button configuration, screen size, resolution, camera, ect).

The only real difference would be the aesthetic outlook or features that individual manufacturers use to sell their tablets.
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Charles Dawkins7 years ago
The Windows Phone App Marketplace host over 80,000 apps and should be well over 100,000 apps by the time Windows 8 arrives and Microsoft already said the apps will work across Windows 8 and windows phone 8 and I'm guessing Xbox as this is the year for their 3 screen approach.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd7 years ago
Android really isn't as fractured as people claim. There are maybe 3 times as many active hardware schemes as iOS. By that I mean it doesn't really matter if you're using two different phones by two different manufacturers if they're running the same chips and the only differences are screen size and the camera. Keep in mind that iOS still has a sizeable amount of people running around with iPhone 3Gs, and that's in addition to the millions of iPhone 4s, 4S's, and iPads 1, 2, and 3. Furthermore, unlike Android, aspect ratio shifts drastically between tablet and smart phone for iOS. So yeah, Android is more fragmented, but not to the degree people claim.

As for the tablet marketplace, I refuse to buy an iPad while they retain the worst aspect ratio on the market. For all the greatness of the App Store selection, I buy tablets for media consumption, and a 16:9 ratio is astronomically superior for that. You will get more of a movie's picture on a 7" Kindle Fire than you will on a 9.7" iPad. So yeah, I'll keep an eye on Windows 8, and until then, I'll continue to use an Asus Transformer.
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Antony Johnston Writer & Narrative Designer 7 years ago
Worth noting that the often-touted 70% market share is based on "global shipments by all vendors", not actual sales. I would bet my life savings that on actual end-user sales, the iPad is more like 85%+.
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Murray Lorden Game Designer & Developer, MUZBOZ7 years ago
I heard these figures the other day for total apps in each marketplace...

App Store 750,000 apps
Android Markets 450,000 apps
Windows Mobile Marketplace 4,000 apps

I had two different Windows Mobile phones over the years, and getting an Android (HTC Desire HD) phone absolutely demolished those prior experiences. Suddenly I had a really intelligent phone that could access all my most used services (Gmail, Calednars, etc), in an intelligent way! It made my life better!

I do kind of hope that Windows make a splash with Windows 8. But seeing their recent Windows Phones (made with Nokia) is a joke. Those blue square buttons? Disgusting. I played with one of those phones at work the other month. Really yucky.

I just don't think the company has any sense of STYLE. And STYLE is amongst the most important things with phones and tablets.

For Windows phones and tablets to succeed, I think the first things they need to focus on is...
* Making things simplified, stripped back, and easy

Basically, all just look and feel stuff.

Who knows, they may have been working away these past many months on something surprising...
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Craig Page El Presidente, Awesome Enterprises7 years ago
Sorry but if I have to choose between an Android tablet, a Windows tablet, and an iPad. And they're all priced similarly, then I'm choosing the tablet with the best software. And right now that's the iPad.

Either lower your prices or admit defeat and cut your losses.
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