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PlayStation Home pushes free-to-play with three new games

Sony sees the new titles as the "most immersive" free games on PSN yet

Sony Computer Entertainment America has announced three new titles for PlayStation Home, all to be offered for free to gamers. These new games will be embracing the free-to-play (F2P) philosophy, offering content added for an extra charge. Surprisingly, these games are a tad bit larger than what has been offered in the past, as the publisher promises the titles will be the "largest and most immersive games to date" offered as F2P.

"These new titles are delivering on the promise we made to the PlayStation Home community when we first launched the new core experience in November of last year, offering a variety of genre-based games to suit every gamer's preference," said Chris Mahoney, senior business manager of PlayStation Home, SCEA. "We're bringing gamers the kind of experiences they expect from these genres with the social elements that are only available through PlayStation Home."

The three games, No Man's Land, Mercia and Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove, are all designed to engage with a multitude of gamers. No Man's Land will serve as a shooter title with cover-based mechanics while Cutthroats will give gamers a chance to play as pirates controlling ships. For those looking for a more traditional fantasy RPG, Mercia will allow gamers to be immersed in a multiplayer dungeon crawling title.

Along with the announcement of these new games, PS Home is also getting an expansion allowing gamers to talk to one another in the Adventure District. The space is designed to showcase the new freemium titles, notably Cutthroats.

Find out how to kick start your games industry career

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Charlie White Software Support Analyst 9 years ago
I think Sony missed a trick not including Home on the Vita.
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