GOG branches out from "Good Old Games"

GOG is no longer just classic games, with the announcement of new and indie titles coming to the service

The online store formerly known as "Good Old Games" has rebranded itself as simply as it adds new games and indie titles to its game offerings. As part of the change, GOG is also adding an updated website with new community features.

"There's much more to today's than just three words," reads the store's announcement. "Fresher means changes to the website layout, which now offers a more modern look; it also means we're featuring our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts at the footer of every page and more social integration overall. Fresher means more of the features you want. The My Account page now has a built-in search feature, new organization options for the games library, and the website is no longer the only way to deliver notifications to gamers."

All GOG titles will continue the no DRM stance that built the store its fan-following. Trine and The Whispered World are currently available for purchase, while users can pre-order Almost Human's Legend of Grimrock for $11.99. Spacechem, Machinarium, and Darwinia are coming soon to the store, with more titles coming from more partners "in the next few months."

"As the world changes, so are we, and this is only the beginning. As always, we rely heavily on user opinions and wishes. A new revamped Community Wishlist now allows users to suggest, vote, and discuss games and site features they'd love to see on You make all of this possible. Thank you and stay tuned for more amazing in coming days, weeks, months, and years to come," the announcement added.

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Harrison Smith Studying Games and Graphics Programming, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology6 years ago
If there are two companies you don't mind running a digital distribution store, its Valve and CD Project. I also like CD projects stance of same price for all, something that irritates me in a consumer paid distribution system.
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gi biz ;, 6 years ago
I heard rumors about GOG considering the multiplatform way. While I realize that seeing Baldur's gate on Unix-like systems is not on the cards, I'm a bit disappointed to see Trine, for example, being only sold for Windows.
I guess my purse is safe once again.

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