Crytek licenses CryEngine 3 to China's Giant

Germany's Crytek is looking to strengthen its ties with Asian developers

Crytek today announced a new licensing agreement for its popular CryEngine, providing the technology to online Chinese developer Giant, known for its ZT Online franchise. Giant did not specify exactly what it would be using CryEngine for - only that it will use the engine "to deliver new experiences to the millions of players already enjoying their games."

"Giant have embraced the multifaceted capabilities of CryEngine, and we're excited to see how they are putting the technology to work in creating innovative experiences for players," said Carl Jones, Director of Global Business Development - CryEngine. "As they continue working to bring their vision to life we'll be on hand to offer support and help them achieve the best possible results for the vast audience they cater for."

"The best thing about CryEngine is that it not only allows for top-level graphic rendering, but also offers scope for innovative game production," noted Yongjun Fei, Vice President of Giant. "The unique 'What you see is what you play' philosophy of the CryEngine 3 Sandbox, in conjunction with the available toolset, equips us for faster prototyping. The development team could delve into the gameplay design and immediately implement changes. We could easily build a level, create a story on top of it and then explore new gameplay elements whilst fine-tuning the design."

"Compared to a rough demo, a high quality prototype not only shows polished visuals and more refined gameplay, but also helps to create a stronger focus for the finished product whilst shortening development time and reducing risk. Along with this outstanding technology, we also received first-rate tech support from Crytek - especially its local team in China. We're confident that we chose the right partner in Crytek."

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