Thatgamecompany veterans form new studio in wake of IGF

Indie devs form The Wilderness to tackle full project from IGF finalist

Two indie devs from developer Thatgamecompany have left the critically-hailed team to forage for themselves. Starting The Wilderness, Chris Bell and John Nesky have left the studio behind Journey and Flower to focus work on finishing Way, a game originally offered as a free alpha build and finalist at the Independent Games Festival.

Bell, who served as a producer and designer and Nesky, who worked as a 'fee engineer,' both worked for Thatgamecompany on titles like Journey. Bell was originally responsible for Way while studying at Carnegie Mellon University in the Entertainment Technology Center. The new group, which is already hiring for various positions, will hopefully bring Way to a full release.

The team is also joined by Walt Destler, who worked at Schell Games and Walt Disney Imagineering. Other members of the original team behind Way have not signed back on to finish things out.

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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 7 years ago
I love Thatgamecompany, good luck to you guys! May you go with the Flow and blossom like a Flower on your epic Journey. :P

Looking forward to seeing what The Wilderness will produce!

In the meanwhile, still trying to find that darn hidden flower in Journey!
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