Resident Evil 6 pre-orders hit "best start" in series history

Capcom's next survival horror title is tracking well post-announcement

Capcom has revealed that pre-orders for the next major installment in its survival horror franchise, Resident Evil 6, have tracked ahead of previous series records. 2012 is a big year for the franchise with the release of Resident Evil: Revelations for 3DS; Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3; and Resident Evil 6 for the same platforms. Capcom senior vice president of planning and business development Christian Svensson talked about RE6 in an interview with GameInformer.

"Our preorders for Revelations and Raccoon City were both helped on an upward spike with the announcement of Resident Evil 6. The pre-orders for Resident Evil 6 are off to a fantastic start. The best start a Resident Evil game has ever had," said Svensson.

Capcom is planning to go big by releasing the title on November 20, directly before the busy holiday shopping season.

"We're saying, 'Get the hell out of the way.' We're a big game. We're letting you know we're coming. We're giving people plenty of room to move around us. The plan is the biggest Resident Evil game ever. We're not messing around."

Moving onto other Capcom brands that have fallen by the wayside, Svensson asserted that Kickstarter is not the answer for every publisher like it was for Double Fine.

"I'm very happy for Tim [Schafer]. If anyone deserves that kind of love and support it's certainly those guys. They make great content and I'm really happy they get to do that," said Svensson.

"However, I think they're one of the very few people that could pull this off and get that kind of support. They are a developer that doesn't necessarily have the capital to self-fund so the need is there. And as a result people are happy to open their wallets and support them. I think that if a publisher that has capital were to try this, I don't think the PR and fan reaction would be quite as positive. I'm not convinced companies like EA, Activision, or Capcom could ask fans to fund dormant franchises. That's a challenging prospect, I think."

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Private Industry 7 years ago
I wait until reviews before I make up my mind of buying the game given I found the Resi 4 and Resi 5 not that great. The inclusion of zombies in the video let me hope.

I would like to try the demo, but well I have to wait 2 months longer than others before playing it. Way to show the Sony fanbase that Capcom really loves them and thanks them for their support of the previous Resident Evil games just so they can make some profit off of the demo. I know MS doesn`t really have any games to show this year besides of Halo 4(#7), but exclusive demo for 2 month? Also can`t wait for the on disc DLC. If only we could have old school Resident Evil games back that had great puzzles and where scary and the old Capcom back :)

I for one get more and more detached from the series with every new game since number 4 especially after seeing the original Resi 4 gameplay video. I bet Resi 7 will be a FPS.
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