GDC: Epic aiming to get "Samaritan" into Flash

Epic's Mark Rein says graphics technology is advancing faster than anticipated

During a presentation of the Unreal Engine at GDC attended by GamesIndustry International, Epic Games announced that they've made progress running the Unreal Engine in Adobe Flash. In particular they showed off Dungeon Defenders running full screen as well as it does on PS3 in an impressive demonstration.

Epic Games VP Mark Rein said after the Unreal Engine in Flash demonstration, "This isn't your father's FarmVille."

Another demonstration took the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III running in Flash to show how console quality experiences were possible in Flash. Rein said that the long term goal is to get something like the impressive "Samaritan" demo working in Flash.

Speaking of the "Samaritan" demo, Rein noted that when they showed it off last year, it took three Nvidia cards and a massive power supply to run. However, now they were able to show it again running on a new, not yet released Nvidia card and one 200 watt power supply. Being able to do full optimizations for something like "Samaritan" on one video card is a big step forward.

Rein said that graphics technology has advanced even faster than Epic thought it would. He, not surprisingly, said that Unreal Engine 4 is "blowing people's socks off" and that there was no going back after seeing that level of graphics. Unreal Engine 4 was not show off to the press, however.

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Peter Dwyer Games Designer/Developer 5 years ago
Can I ask the obvious question. How much is this going to cost! Your average flash development house isn't spending 2 million on an engine license. May as well stick with Unity or even the free away 3D.

I'm sceptical about whether epic can compete in a flash market where their engine clout means pretty much zip.
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David Radd Senior Editor, IndustryGamers5 years ago
It could also mean that certain AAA games get translated to the Flash format. This possibilities of Unreal Engine in Flash is pushing higher quality polygonal games out to new formats and places - so it could be that this effects smaller Flash development less than it does AAA publishers looking to bring their products to new markets.
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Dave Wolfe Game Developer, Cosmic Games5 years ago
@Peter I don't think many traditional Flash developers will be switching to Unreal Engine (or Unity) but there are a lot indie developers using those engines who now have another option for distributing their content to sites like Facebook and Google+ or devices that Unreal Engine and Unity currently don't support, like the BlackBerry PlayBook.
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