GAME signs with Gaikai for streaming game demos

UK retailer is the latest to join huge cloud gaming network

The Game Group has signed with cloud streaming service Gaikai to offer playable game demos via its online store.

The move is similar to that adopted by numerous retailers including Wal-Mart and Best Buy, as well as media sites like YouTube and Facebook.

"We are extremely pleased to be working with GAME across Europe to help them expand their digital presence and engagement with online consumers by streaming Gaikai's portfolio of high quality content," said Robert Stevenson, EVP at Gaikai.

"As gamers continue to increase their digital consumption of the industry's best games, GAME will be well positioned to lead the way."

The retailer will begin offering demos shortly in a bid to expand its digital business in what is proving to be a tough year for the company.

"Gaikai's ground-breaking game streaming technology fits in well with our strategy of delivering the very best range of games and gaming products to our customers," commented Ian Shepherd, GAME CEO.

"We are thrilled to offer our consumers the ability to instantly preview game titles right at that critical moment of the purchase decision making and checkout process."

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Latest comments (1)

Timothy Fuller Qa Technician, Headstrong Games6 years ago
This is a great move for Gaikai.

I think this is an area that other platforms should look at. With the rise of digital distribution publishers have tried to cut out the middle man aka the physical high street stores altogether. I feel this is not a great move. They seem to forget the added value of having a physical box in a high street store brings. Its advertising and purchase point for your Mom, Granny or Uncle.
Simply sticking digital copy on digital store takes this advertising and purchase point away from a lot of people.

I suggest a different model where publishers distribute their game through digital but still produce a physical box which can go into the high street stores. This will give the games visibility and most importantly purchase point for consumers such as you Mom, Granny or uncle. They will then be given a code to download the title which can be given to little Tommy for his birthday etc.

Game shops would not have to pay vast amounts to purchase stock upfront, they would instead be paid commission for every game sold.
These codes could be printed from a small machine provided by the various platforms. These machines could potentially be placed in other locations other than high street game shops, maybe even your corner shop or village shop!
This would increase the number of retailers and hence help increase the number of purchase points for games.

Anyway long story short working with retailers is the way forward for digital distribution.
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