Pincus: Zynga and online gambling are a "natural fit"

CEO sees Zynga Poker and Bingo as ripe for real currency play

Zynga's CEO Mark Pincus has told audiences at the  Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom conference that he sees online gambling as an obvious progression for many of his company's properties.

Pincus particularly identified Zynga's Poker and Bingo games as being easily converted to real-world currency play, calling the games a "natural fit" for online gambling.

"I think it's a good natural fit. I think, philosophically, the part people haven't noticed yet, real money gaming is perfect with virtual goods and social games," said the social boss.

"We're interested, but you should expect to see us do a lot more than what you've seen in offshore casinos."

A report from Business Insider, identifies online gambling as a potential $1 billion business for the company, particularly from its 30 million strong Poker player base.

Online gambling had previously been illegal in 50 US states, but changes to the law mean that it is now largely accepted, generating revenues of $60 billion a year in that country alone. Internationally, at least in Zynga's bigger markets, there are few restrictions.

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Latest comments (2)

Roberto Bruno Curious Person 6 years ago
I think he's absolutely right.
After all, they made almost a science of exploiting customers, going on the online gambling is just the natural evolution of what they did so far.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 6 years ago
The game industry has had a very strange attitude to gambling and anything else that is adult (other than violence).
This is because we are still growing up and is an indicator that we are nowhere near reaching our potential.

There is some gambling in games. Evony has a roulette wheel where you can gamble the in game currency, for instance. But this has mostly passed by un-noticed.

As ever Zynga are right and as ever they are leading the way. This pronouncement alone could have a significant impact on the gaming industry. I look forwards to hearing about their tie in with Hustler.
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