8-Bit Funding purchased by Indie Game Magazine

Crowd-funding site under new management

International crowd-funding site 8-Bit Funding was acquired by the management behind websites Indie Game Mag and DIY Gamer last month.

"8-Bit Funding is an excellent game focused funding platform that we believe never got the attention from game fans and developers that it deserved," said Indie Game Magazine's Mike Gnade.

"We look forward to resurrecting the site and creating excitement about amazing new indie games."

8-Bit Funding charges 5 percent on all projects, from titles from independent developers to board and card games. The projects will be cross promoted by Indie Game Mag and DIY Gamer.

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Latest comments (3)

Barrie Tingle Live Producer, Maxis5 years ago
Hope they have plans for the site, looks a bit empty at the minute regarding people investing in the projects.
Their "POPULAR" filter shows a game that has earned $10 pledge.
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Sergio Rosa "Somewhat-Creative Director", Domaginarium5 years ago
I hope more attention comes to 8-bit funding since they are a games-focused crowdfunding site. We need a viable alternative to Kickstarter since not all indie devs are US residents (nor have US friends that can run the campaign for us), and thus are "not elegible" for Kickstarter. Besides, it seems Kickstarter is not interested on changing their system or whatever to allow projects from outside the US.
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Andreas Heldt Managing Director, Z-Software GmbH5 years ago
I have heared about this development some days ago and I am curious to see what will happen with 8-bit funding. The idea of 8-bit funding was (as I know) to support developer to reach more people. With the support of IGM and DIY Gamer they can reach a crowed of people. But will it be enough people? And the other big problem is to get cool projects. All better US located devs go to kickstarter. The most other developers are scary of make crowed funding without kickstarter. By the way without kickstarter and without an interesting IP it is very tough to make crowed funding!
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