UK PlayStation Vita launch sales stand at 45K - report

UPDATE: Analyst claims figure is 61K, says source is 'reliable'


Analyst Nick Parker has claimed the UK launch sales figures for Vita were higher than those reported.

"The PS Vita sold through to UK consumers 61k units in the four days of last week, not the 45k which has been in the press," he tweeted.

He wouldn't reveal his source, only adding that it was "reliable."

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has yet to release official figures for UK unit sales.

Original story

UK launch sales for the PlayStation Vita have fallen below expectations, only managing around 45,000 units, according to a new report.

The figure was reported to PocketGamer by an industry source, suggesting sales were "just over half" those of the 3DS launch, which stood at 89,000 units.

Yesterday Sony released an official statement that it had sold 1.2 million units worldwide, a figure that takes into account both the Japanese and recent European and American sales. It also confirmed that software sales for the device were now over 2 million.

In November Sony told Eurogamer that it was confident it would beat the PSP's record of 185,000 units sold at UK launch.

"We're planning for a condition of success," SCEE president Jim Ryan said at the time.

"Launch quantities will sell out - I think that's looking pretty certain".

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Antony Carter Senior Programmer, Epic Games9 years ago
Ill go with the official statement, over a rumour from some guy whos comparing it to the figure of another consoles launch.
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D9 years ago
I really don't think you can compare the two launches, given the economic climate. Assuming the 45k is right - and it's entirely compatible with Sony's 1.2 million claim - I'd say it's around you could expect right now. They need to drop the price though - take a hit to get more units in the hands of people. I love mine, especially with Netflix on it, but I think the price needs to drop 50.
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@ Fran - but if you have Sky, then there is no need for NetFlix? There is drain on battery to contend with, but loving my Vita as well. if only they would improve the interface or PS3/Vita way of moving files/etc
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Private Industry 9 years ago
You downloaded the netflix app from the US store?

If the 45k are true it would be a shame for such a good piece of hardware to sell so low.
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Nick Parker Consultant 9 years ago
It becomes frustrating when journalists compare apples with pears. It's simply not viable comparing any Nintendo product sales performance with those of either Sony or Microsoft devices. Different demographics, different style of games and different content mix. Unfortunately, the press has always been less than complimentary about the PSP regardless of its 70 million worldwide sales (3.8m in UK).
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 9 years ago
The PSP has done very well overall, but I guess it was always up against stiff competition with Nintendo's dominance of the handheld sector, and it was also measured against the PS1 and PS2 which were both far more successful. I don't think it's unfair to compare the PSP and DS - or now, the Vita and 3DS, as although they may be specifically aiming at different audiences there's obviously going to be a lot of crossover and they're both fighting for a portion of the same pie. I would, however, liken smartphones vs. handhelds to comparing apples with something that are not apples.

In Japan the PSP is no doubt seen as much more successful than over here, where its enduring image will be a promising system inadequately supported by publishers. Hopefully first- and third-party support for the Vita will be much better, and initial impressions point to a much more humble SCE who won't assume its success. Here's hoping for its sustained and continued success.
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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd9 years ago
@ Nicholas Parker That's simply not true. Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft directly compete for the same publisher and consumer dollars, and in the handheld market this is truer than anywhere. The 3DS vs Vita is an especially bitter battle, with Nintendo already having robbed the Sony handheld of its flagship franchise (Monster Hunter) in Japan, after last gen taking the best selling Japanese RPG from Sony for the DS (Dragon Quest IX).

There is massive overlap between Nintendo systems and every other platform. The only difference was Nintendo ALSO hit broader audiences, but now with Kinect fighting for that field as well there isn't even that division. These people are direct competitors, and their performance in comparison to one another will absolutely affect where games are made and where future sales and support comes from.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Nicholas Pantazis on 1st March 2012 3:26am

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Alex Byrom Studying Multiplayer Online games design, Staffordshire University9 years ago
It's simple most people only buy one handheld, and one console. i love my 3ds, i do agree a price of 150 would be much more digestible,
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Nick Parker Consultant 9 years ago
The Vita sold through to consumers in the UK last week (that's 4 days) 61k units, not 45k but it depends on how you define "launch". @ Nicholas Pantazis it depends how you define "same consumer" dollars. I'm not sure a 10 year old (getting a 3DS, maybe as a gift) is the same consumer as an over 18 buying a Vita. As a percentage of people who own any type of Nintendo handheld, the under 14s are a bigger share of that market than the under 14s are of the PSP market. I agree that there is major competition among certain groups of consumers but on the whole, gamer segmentation leads to different device preferences and that difference is more marked between Nintendo and Sony/Microsoft rather than say Sony and Microsoft. It's an interesting debate.
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Fran Mulhern , Recruit3D9 years ago
Chee - they compliment each other, IMO, and for 6 a month you can't go wrong with Netflix.

Werner, yep. I had to create a US account to do it. I did it before though with NHL Gamcenter, so knew it'd work. Create a US account, log in, you get the US store. Download Netflix, log out, log in with your regular PSN account, and bingo, you're on. It's a bit different with the Vita, what with system activation etc, but if you google it the steps are easy enough to follow.
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Private Industry 9 years ago
I know the vita account change process but its very annoying and got all my icons nicely placed and so on, so I wait till it comes to the EU store, that formatting is too annoying :)

There is some overlap between 3ds and vita but I see the target audience different for both altough less dfferent than what was the case between DS amd PSP.
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Kristan Reed Consultant and Journalist 9 years ago
Nick, it's interesting to see 'reliable' figures from an analyst, but the figures I reported are bona-fide 100% accurate Chart-Track figures from the most reliable source of data on the planet. I said "around one quarter" of the PSP's 185k. I never mentioned 45k (it's a few thousand more but we're not allowed to report the exact figure).

How you choose to upweight or massage after the fact is up to the individual, but the figures speak for themselves. People can choose to upweight them by 10-20% to take into account the fact that Chart-Track covers "80-90% of the market" (their words, today), but even then, you're only talking 55k. I'm not sure where you get 61k from (the untracked indies are a tiny proportion these days, and adding 20% is too generous - talk to any major publisher and they'd tell you the same).

Even if we assume it is 61k, that's about ONE THIRD of the PSP sales, after Sony's UK MD, Jim Ryan, confidently stated: "We will beat that with Vita." 'That' being the 185k.

Edited 4 times. Last edit by Kristan Reed on 1st March 2012 1:33pm

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Private Industry 9 years ago
Does chart track include online retailers in their figures?
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Nick Parker Consultant 9 years ago
Hi Kristan, I am aware of how Chart-Track sources data and what those retailers represent of the UK market as I worked for the company measuring the market which GfK bought in the early '90s and as a client, used the data when I was at Nintendo, Sony and Atari thereafter. I have never "massaged" data to support a thesis. At 61k, this is a third of the original PSP UK launch sell-through of 185k in September 2005. Taking a current cheap on-line retailer selling the Vita wifi version at 219.99, that is 40 more than the 179 for the PSP. I am not saying this is the reason for the weaker sales but it may be one of many factors. The PS Vita sales are disappointing, that I am not disputing, but portable gaming has moved a long way since 2005 and some of the people who bought a PSP then are content to play games on phones and tablets now. I have said for the past two years that dedicated gaming devices will be challenged by changing mobile entertainment habits. People who buy Vita may be seeking the added values, over and above pure gaming. In the long term, it is very doubtful that Vita will outsell PSP just as it is very doubtful the 3DS will outsell the DS.
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Colin Berry Game Developer, Lucid Games9 years ago
Granted the 3DS and Vita do not target or satisfy the exact same markets, but there is huge overlap, far more than is often acknowledged.

The Vita is a wonderful machine but its price point is tough, especially with the hidden cost of memory cards.

Success or failure though, will ultimately come down to software. The 3DS had a slowish opening due to a lack of games and a price point that was judged by the people to be a little high, throw in a price drop and sales pick up, release quality titles and the sales ramped up.

The Vita has some very good launch titles (though arguably no true must have exclusive 'vita seller' yet), but it is entering a different market to the original psp and it will need continued strong software support at all price point levels to really build a momentum.
The opening week(s) were always going to be about the sony fans and committed gadget fans. Sales performance in weeks 8,9,10 etc will help show its impact to general players

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Private Industry 9 years ago
The opening of the 3DS was very strong, just after launch the sales went significantly down.
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