EA's Hilleman says bad press hurts everybody

CCO argues negative press for THQ and Zynga is detrimental to entire industry

EA's chief creative officer Richard Hilleman has spoken out against the combative nature of some of his contemporaries, and argued that negative coverage of any company is bad for the industry as a whole.

"I don't like it when Zynga gets bad press, and I don't like it when THQ gets bad press," he told VG247 while discussing THQ's troubles in the casual space.

"There are folks at EA who think it's a 'they lose, I win' type of thing. I think that's not true. We are not a business that's big enough yet where we can afford for people to make our business look bad."

He explained that he'd happily defend companies like Zynga to defend the interests of the industry as a whole.

"If somebody writes something about Zynga that's wrong, I'm as likely to say it's wrong as anyone else is because I think misconceptions and mis-attributions in our business are just negative. They hurt everybody. They help nobody," he argued.

In the comprehensive interview Hilleman also discussed the rise of social games, PC gaming and SOPA.

"I'm a fierce, fierce competitor, but I get the big picture."

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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 8 years ago
EA staffer speaks truth shocker! News at 11!

Seriously, what he says makes sense - it's just a pity EA themselves have a habit of bad-mouthing the competition (that whole "Valve don't want us to speak directly to the consumer" malarky, that is patently false).

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James Wells Gaming Contributor - 8 years ago
Totally agree with Morville- EA has been the focus of their fair share of negative press over the last decade or so (do I even need to mention Origin?)... This comes off to me as an attempt for them to declare, "We're not bad guys, look at us advocating for the good of all!"
Wether or not anyone actually buys into it? That's a completely different story altogether.
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Greg Wilcox Creator, Destroy All Fanboys! 8 years ago
The problem is that bunch of of today's "press" who are about as bad as TMZ crossed with a GameFaqs message board when to comes to actually getting facts straight. Instead or rational news posting, it's always going for the juicy headline and crazy story from un (and under)verified sources just to lure in traffic and generate debate which degenerates quickly into "(name of company) SUCKS!!!" bile postings.

Of course, those folks and their readers won't buy this because they'll just see EA as using another diversion to keep the heat off something else they've done that's going to get people cranked up (like day one DLC, which is all of a sudden a horrible, horrible thing to a lot of people who should have known it's now a standard for some AAA titles)
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Morville O'Driscoll Blogger & Critic 8 years ago
@ Greg

Realistically, it's a combination of companies being bad/stupid/anti-consumer/peddling PR and a gossipy press corps who don't understand what being a journalist entails (generally).

As a for-instance, Zynga cloning games is Zynga being a stupid short-sighted company who just brought trouble on themselves. Nikkei, however, aren't exactly being a bastion of journalistic principles when it randomly attributes quotes to Satoru Iwata.
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Abraham Tatester Producer 8 years ago
He and his CEO should have a chat. Riccitiello is one of the biggest smack talkers in the industry. What with his wanting CoD to "rot from the core," etc., etc.

(But Zynga and Pincus deserve 90% of the negative things said about them, IMO.)
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Cori Myers CEO/Owner, Gameinatrix.com8 years ago
I agree with all comments here and find it funny that this is coming from EA considering some of the horrible things they've said to us. (Their PR dept mostly) I think, coupled with bad PR and bad press, a lot of things get said. But EA needs to take a good long look at it's own house before pointing out the press. Their PR people (some, not all) are horrible to smaller sites and it will bite them in the butt in the future.
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Zynga getting bad press is not bad for the industry. Zynga itself is. So close though.
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Ollie Miles Writer/Artist/Designer/Programmer 8 years ago
Iím sorry but Zynga deserve all the bad press they get. They make grinder games based on addictive systemic designs, they steal other peoples IPs and generally act like thieves. Politicians band together for the sake of the whole, and itís a cowards way to do business.
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