Epic showing Unreal Engine 4 at GDC

Latest tech from Gears Of War developer to be on show at event

Selected GDC attendees will get a glimpse of Epic's latest technology, the Unreal Engine 4, at the event in San Francisco next week.

"Epic will also unveil a preview of its next-generation game technology, Unreal Engine 4, to select licensees, partners and prospective customers during the exhibition," revealed the company in an email to press.

Last year Epic games impressed at the conference with its Samaritan demo. This year as well as its new engine the company will host sessions on subjects like indie development, mobile platforms and gameplay data analysis.

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Weston Sohlden5 years ago
I'm interested in seeing what Epic can put on display here. I feel as an industry, we've seemed to hit a wall with current-gen consoles extending the normal product lifecycle substantially. I think it will also be interesting to see how much of an improvement they can make over Unreal Engine 3. Given UE3's popularity among many of the AAA titles of this generation, and the fact that catering towards the console market has become an important part of engine development, I'm hoping this will provide some insight into what Microsoft and Sony have coming down the pipeline.

Although Epic says their engine is significantly more powerful than its current iteration, I'm not so sure Microsoft and Sony can create a box with top-end hardware at a reasonable price for consumers. If I recall, Microsoft's current generation's hardware was sold at a loss initially, which was made up in the long run by licensing fees and the additional $10.00 or so from each game sold on their perspective platforms.

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Nicholas Pantazis Senior Editor, VGChartz Ltd5 years ago
I agree with Wes to some extent. Furthermore I'm not sure Sony and Microsoft WANT to push technology that far past the current levels on their next consoles. It's not entirely logical to do so. Gains at this point are not amazing. Battlefield 3 and The Witcher 2 certainly look better than anything on consoles (including their console versions), but even if Unreal 4 is a good step above that it's not likely to make people pay $600 for a game system to play those games.

I think Epic may be pushing for a market that won't entirely exist in the next generation. It's not that people won't want hardcore games with great graphics, but I imagine Microsoft and Sony are going to want to push for a variety of input and alternate functionality over technology this generation... especially Sony who's shrunk considerably as a result of the PS3's poor budgeting. Even PC gaming doesn't depend as much on pushing technology as it used to. Valve still sells crazy amounts with the Source engine, Blizzard intentionally releases games that aren't pushing systems, and Skyrim obviously isn't breaking any tech barriers either.
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