Tiburon vets launch PixelFoundry Games

Volga Askoy and Jerry Phaneuf developing debut title BlackSpace for PC

Two developers from EA Sports Tiburon have launched their own independent studio, PixelFoundry Games, in Orlando.

Its first title, BlackSpace is a real time strategy game based around asteroids, and will be released on PC.

"We are early in development on BlackSpace," explains Phaneuf.

"In line with some of the forward thinking independent developers out there, we really want to get the community involved with the game, incrementally releasing features and enhancements, while getting reactions and suggestions."

Phaneuf spent six years with EA, while software engineer Askoy spent 8. Together their previous credits include MMA, NASCAR, Tiger Woods, and the Madden franchise.

"Many exciting and unforeseen features in both gameplay and art spring up during a video game's dev cycle," stated the team on their website.

"Due to the momentum of larger game projects, these opportunities are commonly abandoned. We think that small teams, for all their limitations, provide a unique ability to take advantage of this emergent nature of game creation."

Last April Phil Holt, a fellow Tiburon employee, formed his own studio Row Sham Bow.

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