Sony bringing Move SDK Move.Me to UK

Package designed to make motion detection development easier

Sonyhas released Move.Me, the SDK for its Move motion controllers, in Europe and the UK after a successful trial in the US.

Move.Me will enable users to create applications using Move via a PC, much in the same way that Microsoft's Kinect SDK did. However, Sony has already declared its intent to make Move even more flexible and hackable than Kinect, something which it hopes will appeal to academics, researchers and programmers alike.

" is already being used by various universities in North America in cutting edge physical therapy and creative design projects," said SCEE's head of academic development and partnerships Maria Stukoff.

"We're eagerly anticipating what else is possible now we've extended its availability."

Whilst Move has not seen the commercial success which Kinect has enjoyed, Sony has demonstrated it commitment to the program with regular inclusion of Move controls in major first-party releases.

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Andrew Jakobs Lead Programmer 6 years ago
The biggest failure of the SDK is the need for a PS3, it's totally unnecesary to have a PS3 as the move (and camera) can be connected directly to the PC without the need for the PS3..
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