AppMobi launches new HTML5 SDK

PlayMobi designed for development, monetisation and deployment

AppMobi has opened the beta programme for PlayMobi, its new SDK designed to help HTML5 developers with monetisation and deployment of their titles.

"With a single JavaScript API, PlayMobi gives HTML5 game developers all the tools they need to create interesting and socially engaging games that run on iOS, Android and Facebook platforms," said CTO Sam Abadir, CTO.

"PlayMobi includes slick in-app purchasing capabilities based on AppMobi's patent-pending '1Touch' technology, making the experience very simple and highly secure. PlayMobi leverages the rapidly expanding HTML5 platform, offering game developers the unique ability to 'write it once' and deploy the same code to iOS, Android, Facebook, and the open Web - fully compliant with each platform's terms of service."

PlayMobi owes a lot to TapJs, which AppMobi acquired last year. It allows in-app purchasing regardless of platform, has tools for managing achievements and leaderboards, cloud storage of information, and analytics.

"Like AppMobi, Scirra believes HTML5 is the gaming platform of the future," said Scirra director Ashley Gullen.

"We're excited by the potential of cross-platform IAP, leaderboards and achievements. We look forward to making PlayMobi really easy to use in games made with Construct 2."

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Adam Campbell Game Production Manager, Azoomee6 years ago
I did wonder when we'd see some middleware for cross platform HTML5 development..
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