New LG TVs to feature Unity games

Partnership will see Unity authored titles on latest televisions from manufacturer

Unity Technologies and LG have partnered to feature Unity authored games on the manufacturer's 2012 range of Smart TVs.

"The television technology LG is introducing this year is very impressive and offers an incredible opportunity for the developers under the Union umbrella to reach a new market," said Unity CEO David Helgason.

"Our goal with Union is to create new avenues of distribution for developers using Unity, and LG smart TVs are creating a massive and new gaming audience."

Through its Union division Unity will supply a number of titles for the new range of internet connected televisions, with plans to increase that number in the future. The televisions come supplied with a Magic Motion Remote, complete gyroscopic technology.

"Adding a huge catalogue of Unity-authored titles to the line-up of games available on LG TVs will boost the incredible value that our customers receive when choosing one of our HDTV models," added Sang-Woo Lee, LG's head of content division.

"We want our TVs to be the most comprehensive platform for entertainment on the market and having access to such an impressive array of games helps make that happen."

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Latest comments (3)

Neil Young Programmer, Rebellion Developments6 years ago
Can't help thinking the "games-on-tv-without-a-console" market is dangerously fragmented before it's even taken off...
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Sandy Lobban Founder, Noise Me Up6 years ago
I thought they were already partnered up with Gaikai? Strange.
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John Tearle Founder, CEO, Flix Interactive6 years ago
I think that if this is done right (ie. right hardware support) then this could be a step towards the future of game distribution for better or worse... Interesting stuff.
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