THQ needs partner to bring Warhammer MMO to market

Publisher is being "realistic" about financial cost of project

THQ is currently looking for a partner to bring its MMO Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium to market.

In a conference call to investors following the release of the company's third quarter results, CEO Brian Farrell confirmed that the high costs of development are putting a burden on the project.

"While the game in development promises to be a high-quality consumer offering, because of the large financial commitment and associated risks, we are being realistic about our resources and we are actively seeking a partner for this compelling MMO," he said.

The game is slated for a financial year 2014 release and was first announced in 2007. Last month it was suggested that the project was up for sale as the publisher struggles to keep itself afloat following years of cuts.

THQ revealed yesterday that losses for the third quarter had grown to $56 million.

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Andrew Clayton QA Weapons Tester, Electronic Arts6 years ago
Good luck guys. I know I certainly wouldn't invest in any new MMOs. Hopefully this will be FtP from the start instead of subscription.
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The new 17 plan lineup doesnt show anything exciting in the 2012 line up except Darksiders 2.
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Tyler Moore Game Designer & Unity Developer 6 years ago
I love what THQ & Relic have done with the Warhammer 40k IP. Good luck and I hope someone picks it up. Hopefully the success of SW:TOR will push some money your way too.
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Andrew Benton6 years ago
The MMORPG space is going to be real tough place to compete in though, what with Guild Wars 2 releasing this summer and Tera after that. But maybe 40k can hit their market segment at the right place.. the final two quarters of 2012 are going to be fascinating from a market research perspective!
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Manuel Laufenberg Software Developer 6 years ago
Good luck THQ. Guess it will be a hard competion against Terra, GW2 and all the stuff out there tho I guess this kind of MMO is actually missing :(
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Well, the MMO space has very very tight (stiff) competition currently. Unlike other sectors where there is capacity to wriggle/occasionally open up a new avenue of genre/ reimagining of a genre - the MMO space is a absolutely high risk, high stakes service requiring ongoing service, maintenance and recalibration based on metrics and user experience.

Whilst Games Workshop has a rich range of IP to capitalize upon, its hard to tell if this is a golden goose or a poisoned chalice. I suspect fans of 40 K would absolutely love for this MMO to come to fruition, if done well. There is minimal scope of a lacklustre execution of the premise.

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