Nippon Ichi increases net income forecast to 203m

Vita and PS3 sales of Disgaea franchise higher than expected

Nippon Ichi's latest consolidated earnings estimate for the fiscal year has increased totals for operating income and net income.

Net income estimates are up to 203 million from 59 million, and operating income is now 303 million, previously 107 million. Strong sales on both PlayStation Vita and PS3 for the Disgaea have helped boost the numbers for the Japanese publisher.

Sales are down from 2,288 million to 2,246 million, which the company attributes to release delays for The Witch And The Hundred Soldiers and the US edition of Disgaea 3 Return.

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Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University8 years ago
Go Nippon Ichi
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Tony Johns8 years ago

Over this generation, I have loved the games from Nippon Itchi.

Especially the games where they team up with other developers like Gust, Idea Factory and Compile Heart.

The Hyperdimension Neptunia games have really made me laugh at the world of Gamesindustry and how each of the goddesses resemble the companies such as Nintendo, SONY, Microsoft and SEGA.

Can't wait until the second game comes to english.

With NIS games avaliable on mostly SONY PSP and PS3 and even on the original DS, there is allot of great games that they have made this generation.

So I am happy to hear that this amazing Japanese company that also has a publishing company in America to localize their games to western audiences is continuing to do well where so many Japanese companies have struggled.

Nippon Itchi is the new Squaresoft/Enix of Japanese RPGs, even though some of their humor may be lost to those who don't know about Japanese anime/manga culture.
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