6Waves Lolapps denies breaching NDA with Spry Fox

CEO Rex Ng claims Yeti Town was developed independently by Escalation

6Waves Lolapps (6L) CEO Rex Ng has denied that his company breached any NDA agreement with Triple town developer Spry Fox.

Spry Fox filed a lawsuit against 6L after the company's representatives denied accusations of plagiarism in an interview, calling the claims "part of the natural process."

Spry Fox is now trying to prove that 6L took core ideas and mechanics from Triple Town whilst it was in negotiations to publish the game, leading to its recently acquired mobile studio Escalation releasing the similar title Yeti Town for iOS.

"While it's not included in the lawsuit, the authors suggest that our business development team shared information with our game development team about Spry Fox's title," Ng told VentureBeat.

"I want to be very clear: this accusation is unjustified and plainly not true. We have not broken the NDA signed between 6L and Spry Fox."

Ng also pointed out that 6L only officially acquired Escalation in January 2012, a month after the release of Yeti Town.

"Our business development team is focused on growing, and promoting the developer ecosystem, which includes more than 50 independent developers we have partnered with," continued Ng.

"Our business is based on trust, which we earn and maintain by keeping the highest level of confidentiality."

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Charles Lentz Game Developer, Stardock10 years ago
I just read the other side of this yesterday, here: [link url=

A pretty ridiculous situation, and saddening that it happens.
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