Capcom sees profits more than halved, sales down by 29%

Sales drop to ¥50,270m, profit shrinks to ¥3,242m for 9 months ending Dec 31

Capcom has filed its financial report for the nine months ending December 31, 2011, revealing a drop in profits of 52.6 per cent year-on-year, and a sales shrinkage of 29 per cent.

For the period, profits were ¥3,242 million (£26.9m), down from ¥6,836 million (£56.67m) for the same period in the previous year. Sales were down to ¥50,270 million (£416.7m) from ¥70,773 million (£587.7m).

Domestically, Monster Hunter Tri (G) was identified as a strong core seller, topping a million units, whilst Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record were doing well abroad.

Whilst the company's core business of consumer online games may have shrunk, the mobile and social sectors are booming in line with general industry trends, with acquisition Beeline identified as a major influence in that success.

Sales for the sector were up 68.2 per cent to ¥4,008 million (£33.3m) whilst operating income rose 189.1 per cent to ¥1,365 million (£11.3m).

Financial forecasts for the company remain unaffected by the results.

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Tony Johns6 years ago
At least Capcom has not lost any money, their proffits only have halved.

It could have been worse for a Japanese Company considering the disasters and the strong Yenn over the American Dollar.

Japanese companies that had their money on the American Dollar got screwed over last year.

I just hope that things improve.
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