Vita download codes to cost less than boxed games

Best Buy pricing suggests that buying codes at retail will offer 10% discount

Sony has confirmed that pricing for Vita download codes will be around 10 per cent less than physical media versions of the same games, at least in the US and Japan.

A US shopper noticed prices on a Best Buy pre-order machine in the US were slightly lower than he had been expecting, posting a shot of the prices to NeoGaf.

When questioned on the matter, Sony representatives issued a statement to Shacknews confirming that download titles will indeed be cheaper than boxed products, although official pricing remains unconfirmed.

"I can confirm that there will be a discount on the downloadable PS Vita titles from PSN," said the Sony spokesperson.

"Exact details have not yet been revealed, but be on the lookout for an announcement in the very near future."

It is not yet known whether Europe will be subject to a similar pricing model, but Sony has been contacted for confirmation on the issue.

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Latest comments (9)

Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 9 years ago
It is not a discount, if you then have to buy overpriced memory cards in the same store. A 10% price cut is nice on the PC, where storage costs 3cents per gigabyte. One gigabyte of Vita storage costs 187.5 cents, so your $2-$4 discount will be eaten up easily.

No advantage for the customer, no advantage for the content developer, more money for Sony and retailers. That is the only reason why retailers roll with this scheme.
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Charlie White Software Support Analyst 9 years ago
@Klaus Tad bit cynical don't you think?
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Geoff Spick Editor/Writer 9 years ago
How dumb is that, say you can fit three or four games on a 8GB memory card, you need to buy another £25 memory card (8Gb) to store another four games for which you’ll save about £15 tops…

Vita memory cards are basically a tax on digital downloads (unless you can store the files on a PC as with PSP titles – which I don’t think you can). Basically your best bet is to give it three months and wait until the games are half price on Amazon... so much for shaking up the digital market, Sony fails again.
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Klaus Preisinger Freelance Writing 9 years ago
I do not consider it cynical to sit down and see whether or not I really save money when somebody claims so.

It might be a bit cynical to assume retailers agreeing to online distribution discounts due to the users' dependence on hard retail items. Then again, in the world of economics, the cynic is hardly ever the observer of a fact, but the creator of the math behind it.
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- starts at full price, games reduced over time at retailers
- pick up 2nd-hand games for discounts
- lend games to a friend
- sell games you dont want
- have the box, physical disk & manual in your posession

- pay 90% of the full retail price
- no lending, no selling
- minimal discounts, no "sales" at retail
- require purchase of a propriatory memory card (which isn't cheap)
- own a digital "license"

The consumer will work out which they want... ;)
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game9 years ago
I have to say I saw the numbers the same way as Klaus, so if he is cynical, then I must join him in the cynic club. Overcharging for proprietary storage always has been a good money spinner, when you didn't need much storage for save games, but if the platform holders want to push digital, they are going to need to accept that overpriced storage is a barrier they need to remove.
Last gen I believe the original Xbox had a 8Gb HDD, which no one I know made a dent on, but how many people with an older 360 have found the 20Gb HDD was enough? I replaced it with a 120Gb, and I'm still constantly having to manage it, although that is partly because I install every game now. I think for the next generation it needs to be as easy and cheap as possible to add storage, so that you can then keep handing loads of money over to fill it up.
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David Spender Lead Programmer 9 years ago
Hey it works for Amazon - most of their ebooks are way more expensive than the paperback versions.

You're paying for convenience. Only in this case its not very convenient.....

Steam is convenient. Onerous, yes, but I can login on any computer, play on any computer. Sometimes Mac or PC, and now soon to be android as well. The trade off for an onerous digital agreement where I can't sell or trade and am subject to DRM is that I get a proportionate (I think?) level of convenience. Now if my account ever gets hacked or Steam dies or I get wrongfully banned, I might rethink my stance but for now its a good deal.

This scheme doesn't seem to offer any of that happiness that steam provides. Its just all sadness.
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Andrew Coleman Indie game developer 9 years ago
And in 2 years nobody will care, because Sony will have been upstaged by competitors that actually provide a reasonable amount of on-board storage rather than requiring customers to store their data on an outdated proprietary medium that isn't used by any other major electronics companies. Memory Sticks are to SD as Betamax was to VHS, except unlike Betamax, memory sticks offer no better functionality or suitability than SD and its various versions.

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Andrew Coleman on 1st February 2012 7:25pm

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Russ Cogman Senior Game Artist, Serious Games International9 years ago
@Michael Shamgar

Couldn't agree more. It's the fact that digital downloads are so restricted for the end user that appalls me. The Vita is even crippled from the start with only one PSN account allowed per device unless you system wipe.

Bottom line is, digital downloads may well be the future, but I dearly hope it never takes over completely as the dominant distribution method. Competition is already fierce, but without physical media, digital distribution will remain at the ridiculously high prices that they still are.
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