Denki: Marketing behind Quarrel publisher struggle

MD says acquisition teams were superseded by finance and marketing

Scottish developer Denki believes that the Xbox Live release of its popular iOS word game Quarrel was delayed for years by the narrow thinking of publishers' marketing teams.

Development of Quarrel began four years ago, and the game has been complete for more than two years, yet it was only released on Xbox Live yesterday.

Colin Anderson, Denki's managing director, claims that, during that two year period, Quarrel was rejected by, "almost every games publisher in the world."

"And not because their game acquisition teams didn't recommend signing it you understand, oh no. Almost without exception every acquisition team we showed it to thought it was a certifiable, bankable hit - just as we did," Anderson wrote in a blog post.

"The problems only started once they'd passed Quarrel up the decision tree to their finance and marketing teams - the bit more commonly known as 'The Industry'."

Denki was given numerous reasons for the rejections, but Anderson states that the most common was that, "Gamers don't buy word games."

"So who's right then: Gamers like myself? Or the Games Industry?" he continues. "One of us is definitely wrong... My money is (quite literally) on The Games Industry being wrong."

The failure to find a publisher for Quarrel caused Denki to struggle, leading to "major restructuring" in April 2010 during which many people lost their jobs.

"The obvious first question is 'Why has this happened?'" Anderson said at the time. "The answer, unfortunately, is rather less obvious."

"The main reason is that Denki has been running on an old business model. We rely on 'the industry' for funding, which wouldn't be so bad, except we're making games for people who love games - which isn't necessarily 'the industry', unfortunately."

Denki was founded in 2000 by former employees of DMA Design with the intention of developing games for the growing casual audience. However, the company moved towards making products for digital interactive television in 2002.

"We've slowly been remembering why we got out of the traditional games industry for so long and escaped to Interactive Television in the first place: this industry doesn't value good games," Anderson said in April 2010.

"Players do, but the games industry doesn't. Instead it values low risk games - not even 'calculated' risk games, just low risk. And that leads to bogus sweeping generalisations such as 'Gamers don't play word games.'"

Denki's long-running struggle to find a publisher for Quarrel relates to comments made by Red 5 Studios' Mark Kern in an interview with, published today.

In a discussion about the recently shelved SOPA and PIPA bills, Kern suggested that small studios are "tired" of relying on publishers for finance and distribution, with successful indies like Mojang and Riot Games raising important questions about how meaningful publishers' will be in the future.

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Latest comments (3)

James Boulton Owner, Retro HQ Ltd7 years ago
I don't know what deal Denki were after in terms of getting Quarrel signed, but we've been through this exact same thing just getting a finished game signed at all. You can't give stuff away these days.

At least with PSN you can self publish. Publishers seem to offer extremely little to nothing (IMO) for their cut of the royalties, so you're far better going your own way if you can. Not that you can on XBLA, which is a real shame.

But then there's the problem of getting noticed in such a crowded marketplace. It's hard work. Best of luck chaps, It'd be nice to see someone doing well out of an original title!
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Peter Johnson CEO, Soluble7 years ago
Just bought it on iOS too.

"Denki blocks" was great, lovely faux Japanese style to it. I played it on DS (or was it GBA?) when they were working with Rage back in the day. I bought this one simply because I loved their other game, and I like word games.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Andrew Robinson Art Quality Assurance, CCP Games7 years ago
I grabbed Quarrel day one on both iOS and XBLA because it is just an out and out fantastic game! Previously being in Dundee games I had been in anticipation of it for many years. Glad they are finally getting the exposure deserved. Criminal it came further down the line at the cost of jobs.
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