EA vet joins Splash Damage as head of production

Griff Jenkins joins Brink dev to tighten up production process

Brink developer Splash Damage has hired Griff Jenkins as the studio's new director of production, reporting directly to CEO Paul Wedgwood.

Jenkins was previously at Electronic Arts working on Need for Speed and FIFA franchises and has also worked on with Criterion, Kuju and Eidos.

"Following FIFA's incredible success, Griff's new role at Splash Damage will be to improve our games by improving the way we make them," said Wedgwood.

"Under Griff's leadership we'll elevate production to a discipline on par with art, design, and programming. These are areas that we've always constantly strived to improve, and production should be no different."

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Looks like a new chief whip is in town :)
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Jacob McCourt Marketing Student 6 years ago
Sounds like its needed given the quality of their last few releases.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
@ Jacob - "Sounds like its needed given the quality of their last few releases."

Erm, only two of their games have been retail releases, and the first of those (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars) was widely acclaimed. Not sure if perhaps you're confusing Splash Damage with someone else.
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Scott Pellico CCO, ootii6 years ago
Well good luck to the guy. Feels like a left turn to head from such a different type of game to the developers of Brink. With FIFA being as insanely popular as it is, will be interesting to see what kinda approach his experience can bring to the table. From Soccer to Shotguns...
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