Tencent signs CryEngine 3 deal

Online developer will use tech for its next PC title

Chinese developer Tencent will use Crytek's CryEngine 3 for its next online PC title.

"It's a very exciting experience for us to have Tencent as our 8th CryEngine licensee in China," said Crytek's Carl Jones.

"We're delighted that Tencent have chosen CryEngine for what promises to be a very interesting title. Our experienced support team has been working with Tencent for a while now and we're all really impressed with the work from Tencent's developers, who are looking to achieve an ambitious vision!"

Tencent currently has the world's largest online community with 648 million user accounts. It has been in the game's market since 2004 with titles like Dungeon & Fighter and QQ Dancer.

"We selected CryENGINE 3 after researching most available cutting-edge 3D game engines," said Tencent producer Weishitao.

"CryENGINE 3's high quality graphics, built-in physics engine and powerful game creation toolset are exactly what we want. We've made a high quality playable game prototype within 3 months.  It has been a great experience working with Crytek."

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Weston Sohlden6 years ago
Although I'm studying in Business, I have a strong background in 3D Animation and graphics design. In using CryEngine 3 since last February, I must say it is a very stream-lined process. I was able to work with relative ease in just under two weeks of in-depth use. The technology is truly magnificent, providing design tools I now consider to be essential in game creation. From the “Play what you see” mechanic, intelligent decal, texture system, vegetation system, and area sound implementation is truly a game changer. Although it would nice if the public users (such as myself) had access to better asset implementation tools, CryEngine is a real beauty to work in. I was surprised to see such a low adaption rate concerning this engine but I've heard that its price is a real kicker.
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