Digital Chocolate hires Habbo Hotel and Nokia executives

Kaj Haggman and Emmi Kuusikko join social gaming company

Social gaming company Digital Chocolate has added two new members to its executive team, Kaj Haggman and Emmi Kuusikko.

Haggman was previously at phone manufacturer Nokia, and will take the role of vice president and general manager of Digital Chocolate's Helsinki studio.

Kuusikko previously worked on Habbo Hotel with Sulake, and takes the role of vice president of product management.

"We're pleased that our strategy and progress have attracted such experienced and talented executives," president said Marc Metis. 

"And it is a pleasure to promote our emerging leaders from within."

The company also restructured its California operations, with three promotions. Sean Dornan-Fish is now VP game designs, Jerome Collin is VP product management and Edmond Chui is new VP platform engineering.

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David Swift Content Coordinator, Sony Computer Entertainment America6 years ago
Congrats guys!
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