Top 3 Facebook publishers see declines in December

Listed companies struggle, but rest of top ten enjoy rises

Facebook game publishers Zynga, Electronic Arts and Playdom all suffered declines in active users during December.

FarmVille publisher Zynga saw monthly active users increase to 216.8 million, but according to analyst firm Cowen & Company this is mostly likely due to an audience checking out new title CastleVille - which is expected to decline as daily active users of the game are now past peak. For all the company's titles, daily active users were down 608,000 to 47 million.

Electronic Arts saw daily active users drop by 1.2 million to 10.9 million over the month, with The Sims Social declining for the third consecutive month. MAUs for the publisher were down 7.1m to 51.4 million.

Disney's Playdom also suffered a drop of 448,000 daily active users to 3.1 million as Gardens of Time continued to lose users. The company has been criticised by investors for not releasing new games on the social network quick enough. MAUs were also down by 2.9m to 15.5 million.

Zynga's dominance on the Facebook platform continues to wane - in Q4 2011 it had an estimated 35.7 per cent share of Facebook DAUs, down from the 50 per cent peak in Q1 2010.

But while the three publicly-listed companies were struggling, the rest of the seven companies that make up the top ten saw an increase in DAUs when combined.

Tetris Online and Happy Elements saw some of the biggest increases over the month, according to AppData, with Wooga,, GSN, Halfquest and Playtika also benefiting from increased competition and growth in secondary markets such as the Middle East.

Top 10 Facebook Game Publishers by DAUs (December)

Top 10 Facebook Game Publishers by MAUs (December)

Source: AppData compiled by Cowen & Company.

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It could be, there were some real non FB games available to play on the IOS, PC and console which goes partly to explain the drop in DAU/MAU
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Rachel Weber Senior Editor, GamesIndustry.biz8 years ago
I also think consumers are getting wise to the tips and tricks free-to-play titles use, and they're beginning to tire of them.

Hopefully some of the "non-gamers" who got hooked on Facebook titles have moved on and are discovering, and paying for, great casual games from people like Popcap instead.
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Gregore Candalez Journalist and Account Manager, FD Com.8 years ago
Mobiles and phones are changing how people kill time when bored or after lunch at work. These Facebook games have milked dry the cow, in my opinion. Always the same genres, the same monetization standards, the same quick and senseless fun. I began to play Dungeon and Dragons and already got tired and it hasn't been a month still.
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