EA confirms end to Bright Light consultation

Guildford studio closes as EA looks to cut development costs

EA Bright Light, the Guildford studio best known for its work on the Harry Potter franchise, closed late last year.

It was last October that EA confirmed that the studio had entered a formal consultation process, and Develop has reported that period has officially ended and the studio is closed.

Speaking in October, EA's Tiffany Steckler clarified the consultation situation for

"After a review of all current and future projects, Electronic Arts has started a formal consultation process with its Bright Light employees over the proposed closure of the studio," she said.

The cutbacks aimed to lower development costs and centralise development, while employees would get the chance to move to new EA studios.

"Employees that are impacted will be considered for positions at other EA Studios including those in the UK."

Harvey Elliott, former VP and general manager left the studio in December after nearly nine years. Other Bright Light employees have moved on to roles with Jagex and Supermassive Games, and EA owned studios such as Criterion and PlayFish, according to the report.

EA has yet to provide figures on the number of job losses resulting from the consultation period. has contacted EA representatives for comment.

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Latest comments (3)

Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 6 years ago
Bad news for Guildford after the Codemasters closure in September.

Commiserations and the best of luck to all involved.
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Shane Bundy6 years ago
Did we catch something from Australia?
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Chuan L Game Designer / Indie Developer 6 years ago
Yep -- 3rd party leprosy.
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