Rovio leads record-breaking holiday downloads

6.5 million Angry Birds downloads on Xmas Day, holiday downloads pass 1 billion

Rovio's Angry Birds was downloaded 6.5 million times on Christmas Day, AllThingsD reports.

The figure includes both free and paid downloads for Angry Birds, Angry Birds: Rio and Angry Birds: Seasons, and is a huge increase over the previous year's total of 2 million.

"We're really excited to have such a massive number of new people get acquainted with Angry Birds over the holidays," said Angry Birds creator Ville Heijari. "We have exciting new releases lined up for 2012, and can't wait to introduce them to the public."

Data from the mobile analytics firm Flurry indicates that a total of 6.8 million iOS and Android mobile devices were activated on Christmas Day - just 300,000 more than the number of Angry Birds downloads - smashing last year's record-breaking 2.8 million activations.

Records continued to fall on the week leading up to New Year's Eve (December 25 to December 31). In total, 20 million iOS and Android devices were activated, and 1.2 billion applications were downloaded.

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Latest comments (6)

Terence Gage Freelance writer 6 years ago
"We have exciting new releases lined up for 2012, and can't wait to introduce them to the public."

Here's hoping some of them are new games, and not Angry Birds spin-offs or merchandise...
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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 6 years ago
Well... number of downloads is one thing, but how much did they sell the game for. And if they are gonna make a new game im hoping its not another angrybirds game, because angrybirds is all really Rovio has to show for itself.
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Ian Brown IT Developer / IT Infrastructure 6 years ago
I wonder how many downloads were paid for and how many were the ad supported free versions. As for new content it best be something original this time and not Angry Birds walmart or something. While im sure Rovio are very happy with the success of the Angry Birds franchise im still thinking they're a bit of a one trick pony and don't actually have anything other than a constant stream of identical AB games coming our way, and then go off about how amazing their company is and how much they know about the games industry an the death of the PC.
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Steve Ball Software Engineer, Ubisoft Montreal6 years ago
Wait... there are 6.5 million people on the planet who didn't already have Angry Birds??
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Roberto Bruno Curious Person 6 years ago
@Steve ball: maybe they played Castle Crusher. You know... the game that Rovio plagiarized.

Anyway, I, for one, can't wait for their IPO; this bubble can't burst soon enough.
I'm quite tired to read about a silly, cheap, repetitive browser game as if it was a trendsetter and the second coming of Jesus Christ.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Claas Grimm MD, GIA6 years ago
A new "War Diary" or "Darkest Fear"?
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