EA DICE staff leave for ngmoco Sweden

Veterans from Battlefield, Far Cry 2 and Mirror's Edge depart for mobile studio

ngmoco's Swedish studio has hired three employees from Battlefield developer EA DICE.

The news was announced via Twitter by general manager Ben Cousins, who left EA's Easy Studio to set-up ngmoco Sweden last June.

The new hires are senior programmer Torbjørn Lædre (Battlefield 3, Far Cry 2), senior artist Wille Wintertidh (Medal of Honor, Mirror's Edge, GRAW), and senior programmer Malte Hildigsson (Battlefield 3, Bulletstorm, Mirror's Edge).

This isn't the first time ngmoco Sweden has recruited talent from a AAA developer. In November last year, Cousins announced that Crytek's Tony Davis and Vesselin Efremov had joined the studio.

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