Bastion and Super Meat Boy hit sales milestones

Indie titles make the most of the holiday shopping

Indie developers Supergiant Games and Team Meat are both celebrating sales milestones this week, with Super Meat Boy hitting one million and Bastion hitting 500,000.

"Fun Fact: Super Meat Boy past the million sales mark last month! PLATINUM BABY," announced the Team Meat official Twitter account.

Supergiant Games shared its news on its blog, with a post by writer and designer Greg Kasavin. He cited sales promotions on Steam and XBLA as helping them hit the half million mark.

"We're happy to have this many people playing and to be in a position to make more games on our own terms," he said.

"When we set out to make Bastion, a sales number like that seemed astronomical to us, so it feels great to have hit that mark. It goes to show that a lot of folks out there like what we're doing and want us to keep going, which is great, because we intend to stick together as a team and do just that."

Super Meat Boy was released in October 2010 through Steam, XBLA and Direct2Drive. Bastion was first released on XBLA on July 20 last year, with later releases on Steam and Google Chrome.

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Cain Sinopoulos Community Developer, Massive - A Ubisoft Studio9 years ago
Truly, well deserved.
I'm a happy owner of multiple copies of both titles. (Steam versions plus those I got in Humble Bundles too :P)
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Charlie Cleveland Game Director/Founder, Unknown Worlds9 years ago
Congrats you guys, you deserve it. You give hope to indies everywhere!
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