Andy Payne awarded OBE in New Year's List

Mastertronic and UKIE Chairman honoured for services to UK industry

Andy Payne, owner of the Mastertronic Group and chairman of UK trade body UKIE, has been honoured with an OBE in the New Year's Honours List, for services to the UK games industry.

Payne has also done extensive work with industry charity GamesAid, helping to organise the events which fund several good causes around the UK.

"I would like to thank all my workmates at Mastertronic, Just Flight, The Producers, BAFTA, Just Trains, Get Games, UKIE, GamesAid and AppyNation who I work with," said Payne.

"I am truly thankful to have worked with so many fabulous people down the years and am proud of our great industry. We have all had plenty of challenges to overcome, especially in recent years, but these are great times and I would not swap my job with anyone."

Last year, Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobsen was awarded the honour, with previous industry winners including Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone.

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Matthew Jeffery Head of EMEA TA & Global Talent Brand, Autodesk6 years ago
Totally well deserved. Cannot speak highly enough of Andy. Noone works harder in positively representing the games industry. Not only a great asset to the games industry but a bloody nice bloke. Respect. Thoroughly deserved.
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Bruce Everiss Marketing Consultant 6 years ago
Well done Andy. Utterly merited.
Our industry actually does very well from the honours process. So at least one part of the British establishment is according us the attention we deserve.
Unfortunately we still have the likes of the Daily Mail and Keith Vaz who just don't understand.
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