Happy holidays from

We're done for 2011, but 2012 promises to be a huge year of changes for the site

As you can tell, we're all done for the Christmas holidays at It's been a busy year on the site, with the departure of some staff and the arrival of new team members Rachel Weber and Matthew Handrahan, alongside the promotion of Dan Pearson. We're all tucked up in various parts of the UK, supping a well-deserved eggnog.

It's a cliché to say 2012 is going to be a big year, but it really is. We're going to be making huge changes to from the ground up as we strive to make the site the best destination for the video game business community. You may have noticed we've been trying out a new set of features this year and increased video and audio content - that's nothing to what we're currently planning.

I would like to thank everyone who visits the site and supports the team. We get a lot of feedback and I can assure you it's all taken on board whether good or bad. If you've clicked a link, sent an email or said a kind word, you're helping to make the site better.

We'll be back on January 3, but for now, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


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Andrew Benton6 years ago
Merry Christmas! Go enjoy your well deserved eggnog ;)
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Gustav Nisser Operations & Project Manager, Exertis Ztorm6 years ago
Merry Christmas :)
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Nathalie Paccard Sr Producer 6 years ago
Merry Christmas, come back soon!
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Well, 2011 was a interesting year. £90.5 billion was wiped off the FTSE100, and Games saw a rise and fall through all sectors. We do live in interesting times and lets see you all on the other side of 2012.
Signing off for 2011 from Opus
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Gregor Manby Producer 6 years ago
Happy New Year :)
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Gregore Candalez Journalist and Account Manager, FD Com.6 years ago
Thanks for the vague politically correct agreement!
Haha, joking. Hope you all had happy holidays and healthy moments with your loved ones.

2011 was taken as the best year for videogames so far, but I think that, since 2011 was so good, 2012 will have to be even better. Competition inspires innovation. I love the industry.
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