IndieCity halfway to 100 game target

Revenue share for indie site will increase if Developer Challenge met by the end of year

Blitz Game Studios owned site is halfway to its latest Developer Challenge target, asking developers to submit 100 games to the site's store.

If the target is reached by December 31 then the revenue structure offered to developers submitting titles will change, rising to 90 per cent for games with integrated achievements, or 80 per cent without.

"Once this tier of Challenge is complete, the next level will open up allowing developers to earn 95 per cent of their games' revenue from 250 games on the Store."

If the service hits 500 games developers will receive 100 per cent of revenue.

The site was announced November 2010, and aims to be an online destination for all indie games.

"We want to bring together developers, gamers and press to make IndieCity the one stop shop to find, download, talk about and buy these games that are being made by so many talented people."

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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.10 years ago
You guys need to learn that quantity of games is not a a measure of success. Inspire 10 good games over 100 rushed mediocre games.

Flooding the market also reduces the potential revenue per developer. Their percentage of revenue may increase a little but their share of the market will drop a lot more.
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Chris Swan Project Lead, IndieCity10 years ago
@Jimmy that isn't the approach we're taking. Our goal is to use the long tail of a digital marketplace along with a recommendation engine to provide each gamer with their own personal page of recommended titles.

This approach prevents the flooded marketplace problem and allows us to improve upon your 10 good games issue: Me and you may well both have very different tastes, but the recommendation engine will provide you with games that are rated highly by people with similar tastes to just you, as opposed to a generic global average. So you'll see 10 games that you consider good, while I'll see a different 10 based on my own tastes.
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Joshua Patrick Dyer Studying Joshua Dyer, University of California10 years ago
100 percent revenues to the developers. I can't complain about that.

Not to mention, when you're a platform, you can host a lot of crappy games, as long as you have some winners. And what better way to find winners than to let them all have a shot and let the players decide? It's not a AAA strategy, but I would say it is the right strategy for indy games. It's the developers who need to worry about mass producing loads of crap and watching their brand sink into a cesspool, not the platform.
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Wojciech Mroczek Brand Development Manager, Klabater10 years ago
I believe in this project :-) I think I found a distribution platform for my upcoming game.
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Sandy Lobban Founder, Noise Me Up10 years ago
I wish the guys at Blitz and all the indie developers well with this. Looks like an ethical winner. Never a bad place to start a business relationship. :)
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Tyler Moore Game Designer & Unity Developer 10 years ago
You'll be getting my companies first game once it's out!
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Jamie Read 3D Artist, Neon Play Ltd10 years ago
I really hope this work out well and that developers find it a pleasant experience using the service, if so, it may be the distribution method I use for any indie games I work on in the future.
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Daniel Cleaton QA Manager, YoYo Games Ltd10 years ago
I only wish that our game was ready in time to submit now! Looks like a great site, using the client and downloading games is really slick already, and the aims for the service sound really promising. Definitely a platform we'll be targeting in the future. In the near-future, when the accompanying "Underground" site opens we'll be very interested...
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