In-game ads firm Double Fusion acquires NeoEdge

Advertising platform adds social and casual to core mix

In-game ads company Double Fusion has acquired social advertising company NeoEdge, enabling it access to casual as well as core markets.

Double Fusion works with publishers such as 2K Sports, THQ and Ubisoft, and claims 3 billion monthly impressions in games. NeoEdge says it reaches over 100 million impressions in numerous casual and social titles.

"This acquisition highlights our commitment to deliver a complete 360 degree in-game advertising solution for our clients and partners," said Dan Chambers, head of sales at Double Fusion.

"Gaming has become much more than the entertainment of choice for males 18-34. With the dramatic rise of social and casual gaming, it's now mainstream and appeals to women as well as Generations X and Y. You can basically find a game to fit every age and demographic."

Double Fusion places ads for McDonalds, Twentieth Century Fox, Dr Pepper and Toyota, and has secured a sales relationship with Cue Digital, which works with,, and

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Gary Kinnsch Vice President of Sales, 505 Games6 years ago
I'm sure the NeoEdge investors were happy to get their 2 cents on the dollar ROI.
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