Red Robot acquires Supermono, Harrison joins as advisor

Ex-Sony boss joins location based games company as it expands with new UK office

Location-based gaming company Red Robot Labs has made a big commitment to the UK market, acquiring independent developer Supermono, opening an office in London and hiring former Sony Computer Entertainment boss Phil Harrison as advisor.

Supermono is best known for iOS racer Forever Drive and RPG to-do list Epic Win. It will remain functionality as an independent studio, according to its new parent company. Red Robot's new London business will focus on expanding its R2 geo-gaming platform.

"With this new venture, Red Robot is continuing to fulfill its vision of creating the most engaging and dynamic location-based games in mobile," said Mike Ouye, CEO of Red Robot Labs.

Red Robot's most successful title is Life Is Crime for the Android platform, currently the top-grossing location game in the US. The company was founded in 2011 and has received over $8.5 million in funding from Benchmark Capital, amongst others.

"I'm really impressed with what the team at Red Robot has achieved in less than a year," offered Harrison. "Life is Crime has proven their ability to succeed in the mobile game space and the addition of the UK studio gives the company access to even more talent."

A recent interview with Red Robot Labs can be found here.

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Latest comments (3)

Ove Larsen6 years ago
Harrison did some great stuff at Sony, too bad he had to leave. Atari was beyond repair, even for him.
I'm sure a smaller company will be a better fit.
Good catch, in any case
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Bernard Parker Studying game design, Full Sail University6 years ago
Harrison was spear heading PlayStation Home when he was with Sony. I do miss his presentations. The man could sell Ice to...the Abominable Sonowman
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I respect Mr. Harrison, having seen him in action at Telecomsoft (Firebird) and observing his rise in Sony. But I have to say that I am not sure of the reputation on the advisory side. His observation on HOME at Sony though interesting, the mess of management made this a pipe-dream, and the whole Atari involvement smelt more of a 'ship jump' than as a serious business opportunity. The bridges burned with the French investors have tarnished many involved. As the consumer game scene changes in the UK/EU I wonder if these past executives are as relevant as some may want to promote?
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