Windows 8 app store to offer devs 80% cut

But only after software has made $25,000 in sales

Microsoft has said it will take 30 per cent cut of sales through the forthcoming Windows 8 app marketplace, reducing that to 20 per cent once software makes over $25,000.

The move is more generous than Apple and Facebook's current policies, where both companies take a 30 per cent cut, but it's not as competitive as Google's Chrome Web Store, which only takes 5 per cent.

"We're going to give you a bigger bite of the apple," said Windows Web Services vice president Antoine LeBlond, as reported by All Things Digital.

A beta for the store will go live in February, offering games, ebooks, apps, and other software, and will featuring the Metro interface, most recently used for Xbox Live and the Windows Phone OS.

Free apps and trials, in-app purchasing and in-app advertising, will all be supported. Apps will be priced from $1.49 to $999.99.

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Latest comments (3)

James Prendergast Research Chemist 6 years ago
So... for all intents and purposes a lot of title will never benefit from this "generosity"... or am I ill-informed as to the revenue for titles on app marketplaces?

But basically, from what i'm seeing, MS, Facebook and Apple are all equal here.
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Adam Rademacher Associate Producer, Pixofactor6 years ago
Is this only for Win8 phone apps, or does it apply across all three platforms? If so, this is a much better deal for xbox and pc developers than phone devs. I'd think they'd be trying to provide incentive to the platform which has really struggled to attract developers.
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Yes, very nice microsoft.

First allow Unity to run on your devices, and then I'll care.
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